Podcasts 2019

A Long Con


Back in the days of newspapers, there existed the classified ads.  One man figured out how to use those ads for his own evil pleasures.  Learn about this dangerous man in today's show.  Nov 1, 2019.  Ep 71.  Blue Apron is the sponsor of this month's show.  Click here to get $60 off your first month of food.

Triska What?


A long standing fear of the number 13 has plagued our society.  Scary movies, superstitions, strange coincidences.  Where did it start?  Is 13 bad luck?  Derek explores this phenomenon.  Oct 1, 2019.  Ep 70.  Take a minute and subscribe to the Morning Brew, a free newsletter that Derek reads.  Click here to subscribe.

Purrington Smuttynose


A tale of 2 horrible murders that took place in Maine back in the 1800s.  Derek takes you back in time with actual newspaper accounts of the events.  Sep 1, 2019. Ep 69.  Support this month's sponsor and get your 50% matching funds on your initial deposit at BetOnline by clicking here.

A Double Header



In the middle of baseball season, Derek takes you back in time to a double header show focused on 2 interesting stories involving baseball players.  Aug 1, 2019.  Ep 68.  Check out Blue Apron, the sponsor of this month's show using the link here and get $60 off your 1st month's order.

A Wistle In Hollywood


The Hollywood sign has a long history but do you know where it started?  Why it was built?  Who died there?  Derek takes you back to explore the haunting around the Hollywood sign.  Jul 1, 2019.  Ep 67.  Support this month's sponsor by getting your 50% match on your first deposit at BetOnline by clicking here.

Podcasts 2019

The Real Lone Ranger


Everyone is familiar with the Lone Ranger series of books, movies, even the radio show.  Was this fictional character based on a real person?  Derek goes back in time to explore the person believed to be the real lone ranger and a possible alternate theory.  Jun 1, 2019.  Ep 66.  If you like to gamble on sports or online gaming, check out the newest sponsor to the show and get a 50% welcome bonus on your initial deposit!!!  Follow the link here to take advantage of this deal.  

A Trip To Orchard Place


Orchard Place was the site that the Chicago International Airport was built upon.  This is where the airport code ORD comes from.  The airport went through a name change after one individual gave his life in military service.  Explore the crazy story with Derek.  May 1, 2019.  Ep 65.  Drive for Lyft for a bonus when you complete 60 rides in your first month.  You have to use code "DEREK605503" when you sign up in order to get the bonus.  Bonus ranges between $50 and $500, depending on the area.  Background music "Twisted Tales" by Jay Man @ https://ourmusicbox.com/ Official "OurMusicBox"  http://www.youtube.com/c/ourmusicbox License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)  

A Week With Gene Simmons


Everyone knows Gene Simmons from the band, Kiss.  There was another Gene Simmons whose rampage lasted a week and was more deadly than any other massacre in Arkansas history.  Apr 1, 2019.  Ep 64.  Support Blue Apron and make restaurant quality meals at home with your family.  Easy to follow step by step instructions. Get $60 off with www.blueapron.com/izzi

A big thank you to Ross Bugden for the music behind the scenes.  Check out his youtube page:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQe

When Thomas Flew


Derek takes you back to explore this grueling automobile race around the world that took place in 1908.  Get to know the cars and the winner in this fascinating story.  Mar 1, 2019.  Ep 63.  Drive with Lyft or ride with Lyft.  Use promo code DEREK605503 to get your first ride for free.

The Suicide Tower


This clock tower was the site of 9 suicides (or falls) in the early 1970's. After the suicides the tower observation deck was closed...but the suicides weren't the only deadly incidents related to the tower.  Feb 2, 2019.  Ep 62.  Click the link below to access the best in home light fixtures.  Use promo code izzi to get 5% off your order.  http://www.brightechshop.com

Background music by Vivek Abhishek

Curse Of The Conquerer


In the 1950's a movie called "The Conquerer" garnered a lot of star power.  When cast and crew members started to die off, the movie was rumored to be cursed. Derek explores the truth behind the curse in this month's episode.  Jan 1, 2019.  Ep 61.  Click the link below to access 3VGear and use promo code SHIPFREE to get free shipping on all $25 orders.


Podcasts 2018

Protecting The Pigeons


In this 2 topic episode, Derek gives you some information on some unlikely spies from WWI and WWII and then it's on to the little known creator of a widely known protection agency.  Dec 1, 2018.  Ep 60.



Long before the movie, "Castaway" there was a real castaway left stranded on an island partially by choice.  Derek gives you the background and what happened to this real life castaway.  Nov 1, 2018.  Ep 59.

The Fire Before 911


The horrid scene of a high rise building on fire.  People leaping from the fire to their deaths below.  This was not 911, but an actual fire in New York City from 1911.  Derek takes you down this journey back in time to when labor conditions were difficult and tragedy struck.  Oct 1, 2018.  Ep 58.  

Kidney Angel Of Death


A prisoner wants to donate a kidney to save a man's life.  That prisoner's story will shock you and remind you of the frailty of life.  Sept 1, 2018.  Ep 57.

My Computer's Father


Everyone uses computers and computing devices.  They've become a part of everyday life, but did you know that the computer has been around for almost 200 years?  Derek explores the life of one of our greatest minds.  Aug 1, 2018.  Ep 56. 

Do You Want To Be President?

Horatio Seymour

Running for president can be a daunting task for anyone who takes on the challenge.  This candidate did not want the challenge, but after being pushed by his colleagues, he reluctantly accepted the nomination.  Hear his story as well as some of the changes of our election processes from Derek's perspective.  Jul 1, 2018.  Ep 55.

Podcasts 2018

Cora The Witch - UPDATE


UPDATE!!! - Derek has news to bring you with an update to a podcast he brought you back in Oct of 2016, Murdered & Missing in Oklahoma.  After that update, listen to the story of Cora...a witch?  There have been stranger things, but this story left a legacy you can see. Jun 1, 2018.  Ep 54.

Want Some Candy, Charlie?


Where did the phrase, "Don't take candy from strangers" come from?  Derek answers that question while giving you the details of one of the oldest unsolved mysteries in US History.  The first nationally known kidnapping.  May 1, 2018.  Ep 53.

Happy Face Trucker


This trucker got away with murder, literally.  His killing spree went unnoticed for years until he attempted to kill someone he knew.  Known as the "Happy Faced Killer" he left notes of his crimes signed with a happy face. Derek brings you his story with some little known facts about his childhood as well as clips from one of the few interviews that exists where this killer speaks about his crimes.  Apr 1, 2018.  Ep 52.

Cotton Smallpox


The 1690s and early 1700s were a time of turmoil in New England.  Witches were executed, populations were dying of smallpox, the church was the dominant power.  Derek explores the influence that one man had on this period in history.  Mar 1, 2018.  Ep 51.

Outlaw Mashall


Derek does his annual ranking of his top 5 episodes of all time as well as the top 3 for 2017.  Sometimes people in power abuse their authority.  Sometimes this can be deadly for those involved.  Derek explores a wild west experience where justice may not have been served. Feb 1, 2018.  Ep 50.

The Benders Revisited


Derek takes you back to the all time most downloaded episode of his podcast with a live broadcast from the location where the Bender family of serial killers committed most of their murders in Labette County, KS. - Jan 1, 2018. Ep 49.

Podcasts 2017

Proof Positive Productivity


In this episode, Derek talks about using positive reminders and repetition to achieve goals in life.  He tells you how he used this technique to reach several of his goals and you will hear some surprise celebrities who found success in thinking positive and creating a mental image of their success to keep them going.  Dec 1, 2017.  Ep 48.

Robbed At Glove Point


The Manassa Mauler was one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.  He was a beast in the ring bringing record numbers of spectators to see him in action.  His ringside audience was larger than any of the biggest fights of current times.  Here's what you don't know .  .  . Nov 1, 2017.  Ep 47.

Super Speed


How fast do planes travel?  What's the fastest plane that ever existed?  Are the fighter jets of today the fastest ever?  Not even close.  Join Derek on a little lesson in air speed that will surely surprise you. Oct 1, 2017.  Ep 46.

The Pretty Place


Derek explores a horrific crime that occurred in a town known as the pretty place.  While the crime occurred over 100 years ago, it remains unsolved to this day.  Sep 1, 2017.  Ep 45.

The War Between States


Before the Civil War, 2 states went to war themselves.  Their war was more civil.  Explore this known battle with Derek as you go back into the 1800s.  Aug 1, 2017.  Ep 44. 

Have a Heart, Charlie!


A very young killer commits a strange murder.  Years later he commits another murder that gets discovered after his own suicide.  How many people did he kill until he was caught?  Derek brings you the story of Charlie Brandt with the help of the show "48 Hours."   Jul 1, 2017.  Ep 43.

Podcasts 2017

Here's To You Mrs. Robinson


Derek brings you the motivational story of a long lost Olympic hero who overcame what seemed like sure death to become a gold medalist.  Jun 1, 2017.  Ep 42.

The Conspiracy In the Harbor


Derek reviews Chophouse Burgers in Arlington, TX and tells you about a conspiracy theory about the attack on Pearl Harbor which has enough credible information backing it up, that it might actually be true.  Listen to the show and find out!  May 1, 2017.  Ep 41. 

Iron Mike Baseball


Did you know there's a celebrity buried in the small town where Derek grew up?  He tells you all about it in this episode as well as a new segment requested by listeners . . .  Derek's restaurant reviews.  Apr 1, 2017.  Ep 40.

The Spiritualistic Fox


Spiritualism in the United States has an origin that can be traced back to a very interesting and bizarre story.  Derek explores the life of the girls credited with the spread of spiritualism in the United States.  Mar 1, 2017.  Ep 39.

The Art Of the Duel


The duel was a timeless method of solving conflict and restoring honor to those offended.  Our social media trends are often a way of expressing our views and offending others.  Duels were how the offended parties used to handle conflict.  Join Derek on this look back at some noteworthy duels and the reasoning behind them.  Feb 1, 2017.  Ep 38. 

The Wendell Trump of Donald Wilkie


Long before Donald Trump captured America's interest as a maverick in politics, there was another business man who held this honor.  Derek takes you back in time to the original outspoken wealthy businessman presidential candidate.  Jan 1, 2017.  Ep 37. 

Podcasts 2016

Franklin's Gender Identity


Franklin Thompson was a Civil War hero, but few in his era knew his real identity and the story behind his success.  Go back into Civil War times with Derek on this journey to find out the real story behind Franklin Thompson and his adventures.  Dec 1, 2016.  Ep 36.

Grilling With Ford


Everyone knows Henry Ford and his use of the assembly line to mass produce the Model T Ford, but very few know something else he is credited for that is seemingly unrelated and yet he found a way to relate it.  Nov 1, 2016.   Ep 35.

Murdered And Missing In Oklahoma


Derek brings you the case of Ashley Freeman and Laura Bible, 2 teenage girls who have been missing since the murder of Ashley's parents back in 1999 in the rural town of Welch, OK.  Oct 1, 2016.  Ep 34.

The Hannibal Lecturer


A politician takes a different path in his career that starts and ends at the card table. Known for his candidness, Derek gives you a look into this man's life.  Sep 1, 2016. Ep 33.

All Dolled Up


A pair of twin Effanbee dolls appear to be life like.  What if they were real?  Derek explores what happens when real life collides with fantasy in this true and tragic story.  Aug 1, 2016.  Ep 32.

The Norwegian Belle


A woman makes the journey from Norway to America in search of riches.  She finds the riches she was looking for but not in the way you think.  Jul 1, 2016.  Ep 31.

Podcasts 2016

Haunting The Maine Road


A road in rural Maine is haunted by an eerie spirit.  Derek explores this haunting and gives you a chance to experience it first hand.  Jun 1, 2016.  Ep 30. 

Jewish Spies?


 A seemingly harmless husband and wife living in the USA turn out to be spies for a foreign government.  May 1, 2016.  Ep 29.

Presidents' Curse


 A battle in the 1800's leads to a deadly curse on the office the presidency.  Apr 1, 2016.  Ep 28.

Okie Muni


 Derek talks about his personal experience with the Oklahoma municipal court system and how justice does not always prevail.  Mar 1, 2016.  Ep 27.  

Sticking To George


 An inventor named George comes up with a seemingly useless invention at the time.  His invention is now commonly used today.  Derek also goes over the annual update of podcast stats.   Feb 1, 2016.  Ep 26.

Back To Life, Castle Life


 A soldier in WWI comes back from the dead and builds his own castle that still exists to this day.  Jan 1, 2016.  Ep 25.

Podcasts 2015

Mmm . . . Chocolate


 A famous confectioner leads an extraordinary life.  You've eaten his creations, but did you know the man behind the candy?   Dec 1, 2015.  Ep 24.

A Civil Knight


 An unknown hero of the civil war, this man formed his own company and fought the confederacy in the middle of the south.   Nov 1, 2015.  Ep 23.

What's In Your Toolbox?


 A look into the life of one of America's most cruel serial killers.  Half of the pair known as the toolbox killers, they raped and murdered at least 5 teenage girls.   Oct 1, 2015.  Ep 22.

Innocent Until Proven Crippen


 A quiet harmless looking man is convicted of murdering his wife.  Almost 100 years later, evidence proves the body was not hers.   Sep 1, 2015.  Ep 21.

A Cherry Family Tree


 You remember this president from history class, but where he came from might surprise you.  Follow Derek in this look back at one of our most well known presidents.  Aug 1, 2015.  Ep 20.

Murder Of Youth


 A murderer confesses and is later set free after serving his time for 2 murders.  How is he set free after serving time for 2 murders?  His age.  Jul 1, 2015.  Ep 19.

Podcasts 2015

Parker D. D. S.


 A dentist claims to have the first pain free tooth extraction method.  Is he a fraud?  Hear how this dentist changed the world of dentistry forever.   Jun 1, 2015.  Ep 18.

Gary Green River


 America's most prolific serial killer is spotlighted in this show.  Have you heard of him?  WARNING: graphic/explicit.  May 1, 2015.  Ep 17. 

Mining Massacre


 Beautiful Colorado has been the host of several massacres over the years.  This was one of the deadliest and little known.  Apr 1, 2015.  Ep 16.

Tarzan Swims


 The Tarzan character has been portrayed in movies, comic books, and TV shows over the last 100 years.  But who was the most notable  Tarzan?  Mar 1, 2015.  Ep 15.

The York Sniper


 With the release of the movie "American Sniper," everyone knows who Chris Kyle was.  Did you know there was a sniper before him who was the war hero of his time?  Listen to this show about a lesser known war hero.  Feb 1, 2015.  Ep 14.

Blood Bath


 As we've witnessed the news reports of the deadly school massacres of present day America, Derek gets into the deadliest American school massacre of all time.  Jan 1, 2015.  Ep 13.

Podcasts 2014

Christmas - An Interesting Tradition


 While Christmas is the biggest Christian holiday in the world, Derek looks at where some of the Christmas traditions started and how they have changed over the years and evolved into what we have today.  Dec 1, 2014.  Ep 12.

An Ass Who Never Forgets


 With the November 4th elections around the corner, Derek explores some political history mixed in with his new "This Day In History" summary.  Nov 1, 2014.  Ep 11.

The Race To Prohibition


 Derek breaks down the time of prohibition and what popular sport arose from such an unpopular law.  Oct 1, 2014.  Ep 10.

Interview With Moses Ronald


 Derek interviews the show announcer, Moses Ronald.  Get to know the Moses behind the mic and how he got into radio.  Sep 1, 2014.  Ep 9.

A Singer Suicide


 A famous singer commits suicide for reasons we assumed we knew...wrong!  Aug 1, 2014.  Ep 8.

The Hairless Millionairess


 Little is known about this self-made millionairess despite her great achievements.  Jul 1, 2014.  Ep 7. 

Podcasts 2014

Sleeping It Off


 A mysterious illness results in a terrible nightmare that continues to haunt a small town.  Jun 1, 2014.  Ep 6.

A Civil President


 An obscure civil war general with the same name as a president fails to achieve notoriety despite his atrocious acts.  May 1, 2014.  Ep 5.

Airline Rant


 Derek rants about the airline industry in this light-hearted show.  Apr 1, 2014.  Ep 4.

Building of Will


 Explore Will's accomplishments as this little known architect designs one of the most famous buildings in the world.  Mar 1, 2014.  Ep 3.

A Secret City


 A little known city holds a secret to one of America's tragic events.  Feb 1, 2014.  Ep 2.

A New Kind Of Family


 A new kind of family emerges in the early days of America.  Listen to Derek's account of the little known events in the past that have made their mark on the people of Kansas.  Jan 1, 2014.  Ep 1.